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Good News and Bad News

2017-06-24 20:21:18 by JohnEarthBreathGames

I'll start with the good news. I've got so many people on my team now and I have yet to see us stop working and it is amazing.

Bad news. KMR may not end up being on Newgrounds like I had always planned. I won't be talking more about that though. I'll still try my damn hardest to make sure it does, but for now it is uncertain


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2017-06-25 02:15:41

I don't really think this is all bad news, i mean, at least KMR would still be somewhere else where people can have access to it, is KMR a game btw? if it is, then are you using a certain game engine or a programming language? i think i can help if this is the case.

Congrats on having people on your team btw, looking forward to seeing what you guys have in stock.

JohnEarthBreathGames responds:

Sorry for the late response, but yes. It is a fan game. Always been a dream of mine to do something like this. But as for game programming or the engine for it, as of now I have no idea. I'm taking it one step at a time. But if you have any recommendations for what I should use, I appreciate that. And thank you for wanting to actually see what we've been cooking up, once again greatly appreciated.


2017-07-13 01:49:20

Shit... sorry for the late reply.
Anyway, i'd recommend Phaser.
It's a really cool 2D framework and can do pretty much whatever you want and whatever you'll need in your game. also @WiLD11 has a youtube channel where he uploads tutorials on how to do this and that with phaser like setting up the game, detecting collision and so and so forth.

There's also the free version of Unity it should get the job done and you'd be able to upload the game online with it. just make sure you get the HTML5 support file (or whatever the thing that allows you to export HTML5 was called) and write your code in .js.

And there's also MonoGame which is a C# framework that does pretty much everything not very sure about this framework as i've never really used it as much, but plenty of people like it and make games with it.

I was going to recommend Game Maker Studio but it's all gone now, it's been replaced with Game Maker Studio 2 and the prices for the modules are a bit expensive, i mean the engine is great, it's even better than GMS 1 which i still use btw, but it's really not the best choice when you don't have that much money and probably no time to test the engine out.

Hope i helped.


2017-07-14 07:52:52

ayy my tutorials are getting passed around